New Euroma factory in test phase

Modernised Prima Pura steam treatment up and running

Important developments take place with the transition from Euroma to the new production site in Zwolle. Recently we successfully completed the microbiological validation of our Prima Pura steam process. In addition, the office staff of Wapenveld recently moved to Zwolle.

About 175 employees moved into the new head office in Zwolle on 15 July. They accompany a group of colleagues who carry out daily tests with the machines already installed for sterilisation, grinding and blending of raw materials. The entire site in Zwolle has been awarded the BREEAM Excellent certification and has been built in accordance with this sustainability standard. Euroma's in-house Innovation Centre has fully equipped kitchens and a sensory area where multidisciplinary teams improve recipes and develop new taste and texture solutions.

The new factory brings together the dry processes of Euroma's various production sites. Production of each location will therefore move to Zwolle in phases.


Testing and validation

In addition to functional tests, Euroma also runs production tests for internal validation in the new factory. This process of testing and validation will continue in the coming months, to be absolutely certain that the fully automated process will soon work properly. The transfer of the entire dry production to Zwolle will be realised in the first half of 2020.

The current production locations will continue to take care of the current orders. The usual process continues until the final shutdown of those sites. For Puttershoek and Utrecht this will be the case at the end of 2019. The Wapenveld site will close in mid-2020. After that the complete dry production of Euroma will take place in Zwolle.

The transition plan is well thought-out and Euroma makes every effort to ensure that the transition runs smoothly for you as a business partner. In case of changes that apply to your product and order process, you will receive specific information from us in a timely manner.


Prima Pura up & running

Quality and food safety have Euroma's greatest attention. That's why our herbs and spices get the Prima Pura steam treatment. In this way, customers can be assured that unwanted pathogens and bacteria such as Salmonella are being killed and that herbs and spices are food safe. This makes them ready to be used in industrial applications, such as salads, sauces, meat products, snacks and suchlike.

We are pleased to announce that the microbiological validation of the heart of Euroma, the Prima Pura steam treatment system, has been successfully completed. The renowned British Food Safety Institute Campden BRI Group was responsible for the validation.


Modernized steam treatment

The Prima Pura steam treatment for the removal of micro-organisms on herbs and spices was first applied by Euroma. Kees den Uijl, Business Development Manager at Euroma recently received a nomination for the title 'Frontrunner of the food industry'.

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"The Zwolle site accommodates a completely modernised set-up of the Prima Pura steam technology. This will enable us to make the transition to a fully computer-controlled system, allowing us to monitor the quality even more precisely. Another advantage of the new version is that it makes in-line grinding possible. After steaming and drying, the raw materials are immediately ground and then packed with a fully automatic packing line. In this way we keep the chain closed, which safeguards the hygiene of the process. Moreover, in the new factory, no allergen-containing products are treated with steam in order to avoid cross-contamination," explains Kees den Uijl.



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