Prima Pura® steam treatment for broad application of herbs & spices

Euroma develops taste solutions which are based on herbs and spices from around the world and found as natural ingredients in a wide range of supermarket food products. Herbs and spices were previously made safe for use by technologies such as gas flushing or irradiation.

“There must be a better way,” thought Kees den Uijl, Business Development Manager at Euroma, around 20 years ago. After seeing steam technology being deployed in another sector, Kees developed the Prima Pura® system for Euroma as an innovative new method for the microbiological treatment of herbs and spices.

Industry standard

Today, two decades after its introduction, this specific form of steam treatment is used on a wide scale for decontaminating herbs and spices. And not only by Euroma. The technology has been adopted by many other parties within the herb-processing sector and is seen as the industry standard worldwide.
It increases the safety, quality and shelf life of herbs and spices.

In this video, Kees den Uijl explains the great benefits – introducing the modernized system that was set up in the new Zwolle factory.

Complex materials

Euroma took the step to treat herbs and spices with steam around 20 years ago. Making the technology applicable for these products was by no means a simple task. It required working through a number of complex challenges in order to optimise the treatment and ensure that the process met the stricter laws and regulations which apply in terms of hygiene and food safety. A good example is ensuring that the quality of the herbs and spices is preserved even when they are often exposed to moisture or drying out due to heating.

Fully computer controlled

Now, the Prima Pura technology has evolved into a modern and fully computerised system.
The processes can be accurately controlled and followed in a bespoke way that reflects the product and food segment concerned. The current installation, located at the heart of Euroma's new state-of-the-art factory in Zwolle, makes it possible to customise the grinding and packaging. From raw material to finished product, the entire system is completely closed.

Taste and texture

As well as enhancing safety, quality and shelf life, an additional advantage of treating herbs and spices with steam is that fewer processes are usually required to deter bacteria. This in turn leads to further benefits when it comes to taste and texture. Moreover, herbs and spices also of course have the wonderful characteristic of being able to bring out other flavours and reduce the need to use salt as a taste enhancer.

Euroma has a great deal of expertise in this respect. By combining these features with carefully balanced recipes or for reformulation purposes, consumer taste buds can be fully satisfied by products that have much lower levels of salt. As well as bridging the ‘salt-taste’ gap, herbs and spices also have a major role to play in the development of clean label products. 

Impact on industry and society

The development and application of steam technology in the herb and spice segment has had a significant impact on the industry and major social relevance. Its implementation has opened up a wealth of application options and new flavours from different continents… For Euroma, for the herb & food processing industry and for consumers.


Prima Pura® technical installation for steam treatment of herbs and spices in Zwolle 

ir. Kees den Uijl, Business Development Manager at Euroma