Robert Hoogstra's dream for Euroma

A top 3-position in the European market of herbs and spices. But above all, deliver the best and most innovative products to food companies all over the world. That is what Euroma strives to be. The recent acquisition of Intertaste is a characteristic move within that strategy. In this video, CEO Robert Hoogstra sketches briefly how the Euroma dream came about.

He started as a trainee at Euroma and quickly developed himself into the management of the company. Robert Hoogstra is now the CEO of the same, but at the same time a completely renewed Euroma. How different was the situation in the 1990s compared to now? What are Roberts ambitions for Euroma? Robert tells all about his dream for Euroma in this video.

Already at the purchase of Euroma in the 90s we knew that we had something very beautiful in our hands.
Robert Hoogstra - CEO