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Euroma wants to transform all its products into sustainable products. Therefore, we’re working towards, among other things, the goal of ensuring that we will only be buying sustainable herbs and spices by 2025. But the ambition extends beyond sustainable raw materials. We strive, from a broad perspective, for good entrepreneurship in the future. 

Given our ambition to make all products sustainable, we apply the guidelines of ISO 26000, the norm for corporate social responsibility. 

Human Rights

Many herbs and spices are produced in developing countries where human rights are not always respected and even child labour takes place. To prevent Euroma from working with parties who don’t share our concerns on human rights, we use a blacklist and regularly carry out audits. In addition, from the Sustainable Spice Initiative (SSI), we form a common front with partners to address the issue of human rights and to promote sustainability. 

Working Conditions

In the countries where Euroma is active, we strive through various projects to improve the working conditions. Not only in terms of labour and rest periods, but also regarding the welfare of employees, we advocate a safe working environment with good hygienic and sanitary conditions. 

Savings in own organization

In addition to the impact of Euroma on sustainability in the countries of origin, we also pay attention to sustainability within our own organisation. In recent years we have already achieved the necessary results. And our targets for 2020 are:

  • to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%;
  • to reduce the energy and water consumption of our production sites by 25%;
  • to further reduce material waste by 10%;
  • to reduce waste at our production sites by 20%
  • to recycle 25% of our waste.

Work environment

Euroma wants to offer its employees in the Netherlands a healthy and safe working environment. To help achieve this, we launched the project "Euroma Vitaal". In addition, we promote the development of talents and abilities. And we support various social work placements where people with disabilities are offered valuable work. 

Sustainability at Euroma

We take our responsibility from source to plate.

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