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By 2025, Euroma wants to be providing 100% certified sustainable herbs and spices. The first step towards this ambition, was made in 2012. In that year, Euroma became the first company to bring certified Rainforest Alliance black pepper onto the market. In collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance and various other partners, we are working hard to transform traditional supply chains into chains for a sustainable future.

Environmental, social and economic aspects

Euroma uses herbs and spices from all over the world in the development of its products. In sourcing these raw materials in their countries of origin, we are actively pushing the issue of sustainability throughout the chain. We teach local farmers to work their land so that the environment is saved and biodiversity is encouraged. Illegal tree or forest clearance is out of the question.

At the same time, we also take into account the social aspects of the region. We keep a close eye on human rights, safe working conditions and commitment to the local community. In exchange for their efforts, Euroma pays farmers a fair price. 

Stories from the future

Euroma has already expanded its range of products with numerous Rainforest Alliance or Sustainable Agricultural Code herbs and spices. Thus, we get our cloves from Madagascar, where communication with and training of the farmers has led to saving the Maroantsera rainforests and farmers enjoying a higher standard of living. By providing employment to women in the region, we contribute to faster emancipation and independence.

Our white pepper comes from Vietnam. Pepper plants thrive on coffee plantations and vice versa. We assist in the training of local coffee farmers to mix their plantations. We also support the construction of local production facilities and the development of a cultivation zone suitable for sustainable agriculture.

In the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, Euroma offers local farmers a training program to show them how to grow cumin seeds in a sustainable manner. There is a lot of attention paid to irrigation, food safety, organic soil improvement and the proper use of plant protection products. Sustainable cultivation also has a positive impact on the local community. The children of the farmers are given the opportunity to study beyond primary school through a training budget.

If it’s up to Euroma, there’ll be many more of these kinds of stories. 

Strong together

To strengthen our efforts to improve sustainability in the spice markets, we have established the Sustainable Spice Initiative (SSI) together with industry partners. An international organisation of industry partners paying a consistent price to farmers who guarantee sustainable production methods. This pricing policy is an incentive for the development in these regions where our herbs and spices come from.

Sustainability at Euroma

We take our responsibility from source to plate.

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