About Euroma

For 120 years, Euroma has travelled all over the world to find the very best herbs and spices.
Based on this rich history, we can offer taste solutions to international leading food industry partners . With passion and entrepreneurship, our committed team of experts create the most qualitative and innovative food products. Euroma has grown enormously in the past decade.

Revenue has grown strongly and our own Euroma consumer brand is gaining in popularity. 
This entrepreneurship is also reflected in the acquisition of Intertaste and the realisation of our new state-of-the-art production site in Zwolle.

A top 3-position in the European market of herbs and spices. But above all, deliver high-quality and true innovation to our food industry partners. That is what drives us every day.

Euroma production sitesProduction locations

Euroma currently has 4 production locations in
The Netherlands.

  • Wapenveld - herbs & spices, dry products 
  • Schijndel - liquid products
  • Nijkerk - liquid products
  • Zwolle - herbs & spices, dry products

Since July 2019 Euroma's head offices are located in Zwolle, the Netherlands. In the course of 2023 the production site in Wapenveld will be closed as a consequence of the transition to the Zwolle factory, where we concentrate all dry production activities. 


Segments we serve 

Euroma develops taste solutions for practically each product segment, with a dedicated Category Innovation Manager within Euroma. These segments are:

  • Herbs & Spices (singles, blends)
  • Ambient meal solutions
  • Ambient sauces
  • Ambient soups & hot snacks
  • Fresh meals & salads
  • Fresh meat & meat replacers
  • Savoury snacks
  • Fast food

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Our mission and core values

Euroma has a boundless ambition and is fast becoming the leading flavour maker in the market.  Euroma’s mission is therefore: “Euroma is Europe’s foremost partner of taste, providing food business with a total range of spice-based solutions.”

We're always ready to develop tasty, healthy, sustainable and food-safe ingredients for you, using herbs and spices from across the world. We build on from the foundations of more than a hundred years of experience and entrepreneurship, we mix tradition and craftsmanship with modern and cost-effective processes.

There are a number of values we attach great importance to:

  • Passion
    We love our work. We love to tackle the challenges presented by our customers to develop solutions for spice demand, making it possible for the business of both our customers and our own enterprise to grow on a continuing basis.
  • Responsibility
    At Euroma, we know when to take responsibility. We do this as a business and we expect each of our individual employees to do the same. We are a reliable partner for our customers, suppliers, employees and society. We simply choose to do what's best.
  • Entrepreneurial
    Recognising and giving content to opportunities, being able to make quick decisions and thinking and acting with the customer in mind. This is how Euroma sets itself apart from its rivals in the sector. We are a business that has both feet firmly on the ground, a business that always puts the customer first.
  • Sincere
    We like to be ourselves. We appreciate honest behaviour and we do as we promise. Working with Euroma means you can truly count on us. Honest products, honest employees, that's what we stand for.

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