Working at Euroma

Euroma has a boundless ambition and is fast becoming the leading flavour maker in the market. It's our employees who make that possible. With a team of 550 skilled professionals, we work on the best products based on herbs and spices every day. This helps us to expand our customers’ business through our passion and responsibility. And we’re still building on the success of our own consumer brand.

These values are very important to us:

  • Passionate
  • Responsible
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Genuine

Working with Euroma

Our customers are the top players in the international food business. They trust us to exploit market opportunities and provide efficient and reliable total solutions. Consumers are also included in our customer base. They know us as a supplier of the best herbs and spices and the finest flavour compositions on the basis of pure, natural ingredients. B2B or B2C, we deliver the best quality in contemporary food concepts. 

Our employees know this all too well. Working at Euroma means being ahead in a world that is already progressive. With great mutual collaboration, we are able to translate the needs of our customers into solutions, develop delicious products and offer excellent service. 

As a full-service partner we take care of spice challenges in food business.
Bert Bakker

Working at Euroma

Working at Euroma means working in an environment where sincerity and authenticity 
are valued. Where you get opportunities to grow. In a stimulating atmosphere, you work on products that you would like to use in your own kitchen. People like to work at Euroma because of the down-to-earth attitude and the open and forward-looking culture. A valuable asset that we’ll continue to encourage.

Interested in working at Euroma? We're always looking for new talent. Take a look at our vacancies or send an open application to Nico van Rossum via

Colleagues about working at Euroma

In the video below, colleagues from production explain how it is to work at Euroma Wapenveld. Do you want to know what it's like to work in Schijndel? Click here.


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Interested in working at Euroma? We’re always looking for talent.

Take a look at our vacancies or send an open application to Johanne Ros.

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