Product development

Optimal efficiency in the supply chain starts with product development. Euroma is a highly sought-after partner to implement recipe optimisations. Using alternative herb mixes, the replacement of raw materials or changes in the packaging, it is possible to realise savings on a regular basis. Euroma is happy to help its customers with this efficiency layer, with taste and other sensory characteristics always a priority.

Optimal price/quality ratio

With product innovations, Euroma always considers an optimal price/quality ratio. We are always looking for the right balance with product optimisations. With rich history in herbs and spices, Euroma is a leading taste maker and customer-oriented partner. Our products always contain a solid foundation based on natural ingredients. It’s rare that recipe re-formulations have required more natural ingredients. Euroma has shown several times that more natural doesn’t necessarily mean a higher price. 

Do you know how to save money on your products by using smart recipes based on herbs and spices?

Ask one of our sales managers for the possibilities.

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