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Kloosterweg 3, 
8191 JA Wapenveld,
The Netherlands

Visit address

Duinweg 13, 
5482 VR Schijndel,
The Netherlands

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P.O.Box 4, 8190 AA Wapenveld

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Tel.: +31 (0)38 447 31 73
Fax: +31 (0)38 447 31 95

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KVK: 08027912
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Heidi Eikelboom

Sales industry

Sales Manager Industry Benelux

Paul Hennissen

Sales Manager Industry International

Martin Hoek

Market Manager Snacks

Richard Heinsbroek

Market Manager Fresh Convenience

Jasper Stavenga

International Account Manager

Harold Leurink

Account Manager Benelux

Joost van Schip

National Account Manager

Pieter Kalma

International Account Manager (DE)

Judith Hess

International Account Manager (DE)

Florian Quander

International Account Manager

Arjan Post

Sales Retail

Sales Manager Retail National

Mirella Borra

Commercial Manager Retail Europe

Chris Laenen

National Account Manager Retail

Sam de Jong

Other contacts

Commercial Director

Hanneke Broekhuizen

QSH Director

Peter Meewisse

Manager Special Projects

Jan Koenen

Manager Marketing & Communications

Pernella Geluk

Head of Customer Quality Affairs

Marloes de Koning

Manager Purchasing & Sustainability

Marco Eekelder