Food safety

Food safety is a self-evident principle of Euroma's policy. We employ the strictest microbiological standards, which are stringently monitored in our quality laboratory. The carefully designed steam treatment allows Euroma to achieve the lowest bacterial counts while minimising the loss of flavour.

Extremely low microbiological values

Euroma treats their herbs and spices with hot steam, which is a very efficient and natural process to improve microbiological quality and to kill heat-sensitive pathogens. This contributes to guaranteeing salmonella-free products with extremely low microbiological values, i.e.: safe products with a long shelf life. 

Every single herb and spice has unique properties and requires a specific treatment. The temperature and duration of the steam treatment must be carefully tailored to the type of product, its final application and its shelf life. As inventor of the Prima Pura steam treatment, it’s a process we’ve fully mastered. 

Quality Laboratory

All the raw materials, packaging materials and finished products supplied to Euroma are subject to thorough inspections at the quality laboratory. In addition to be checked in our own laboratory, samples of raw materials are also regularly submitted to accredited private laboratories. 

A comprehensive programme is used for the microbiological monitoring of herbs and spices that we use. In order to ensure their integrity, raw materials are also subject to physical and chemical inspections. We check for more than 700 pesticides, illegal dyes and heavy metals. Even irradiated herbs and spices don’t pass the test.

The laboratory also tests the flavour content and quality of raw materials and finished products. The moisture content, the colour intensity, the salt and oil content, the fineness and the bulk density are all subject to inspection. The Euroma sensory panel helps with the sensory assessment of products. 

For questions about Euroma's food safety measures

Please contact Rianne Thijssen.