Creating taste

Flavour making product development

Euroma is an expert in mixing herbs and spices to create delicious flavours. Our strength lies in the ability to optimally use Mother Nature in composing new flavours. Our product development department allows us to reassure and surprise customers when developing new food concepts.

Euroma recognises the importance of continuous innovation and product improvement, which is why we have such a large product development department. Many of our customers employ our product development department as an extension of their own development unit. Our experienced, passionate product developers create perfect flavour compositions in close consultation with our customers. Offering a tailor-made, balanced construction of flavours, smells and structures.

Mother Nature as a starting point

Herbs and spices always form the basis of Euroma's product development. Even when additives are demanded for shelf life requirements or as flavour carriers, we first reach for natural products and technologies to achieve the set standards. Our knowledge of product development based on natural ingredients has made us one of the most respected partners in clean label projects. 

All senses are stimulated

In product development we are focused on stimulating all the senses mostly through the mouth and nose. However, the influence of looking, feeling and listening cannot be underestimated, we therefore also pay a lot of attention to the appearance and texture that affects the mouthfeel. 

Expert in crunch and flavour

The crunch of a nut or a crisp is crucial for the ultimate snack experience. Euroma specialises in coatings that give this crispness to potatoes and nuts. By way of illustration: a nut covered in a Euroma coating still produces a crunchy experience after being chewed twelve times. 

Our own sensory panel

Euroma has numerous techniques at its disposal to analyse the quality of a product. But precisely because we want our products to appeal to all our senses, we employ people to optimally evaluate the flavour. 

This is done by our own sensory panel. The sensory panel consists of thirty professional tasters that have an above average ability to evaluate the sensory aspects of a product. They have been thoroughly trained and are tested monthly to maintain their skills. 

Euroma primarily employs the sensory panel for innovation, but they are also used for matching products or questions of quality. This is just one of the safeguards we have built in to maintain the consistent quality of our products. 

Advice about creating taste?

Contact Dave Jung.