Trends and Knowledge

Trends and insights: responding to tomorrow's food market

Euroma is continuously developing in terms of trends and innovations in food. We also pay close attention to the behaviour of consumers, translating them into relevant insights. With this knowledge, we inspire our partners in the field of product or flavour development. It is this ability to translate trends and insights effectively and creatively into new products or concepts that has made us a successful partner to many in the field of natural flavour solutions.

Experienced in retail

In order to find out how consumers deal with food products, we use the figures and insights of research agencies like MetrixLab, Mintel and IRI. In addition, we have the necessary in-house knowledge of consumer behaviour because Euroma itself is also active in consumer products. We know from our own experience how important it is to impress with a strong concept.

Euroma is active in many different segments, which means we have built up a broad knowledge in different categories. We can combine our knowledge and insights from the various categories to provide interesting insights in the field of flavour.

Predicting trends

While consumer insights help us to match products to the needs of consumers, food trends give us the inspiration for new concepts. We closely follow leading food platforms and take part in prominent events and fairs. We also get our inspiration from the hippest shops and restaurants known for their unique flavour sensations and we’re regularly inspired by trend agencies like Bloom. Each year we share the Euroma Trend Report with our strategic partners, in which we outline our vision of consumer and food trends. 

Surprising with overall solutions through co-creation

We employ trends and insights to primarily discover new product opportunities. In this creative stage of development, which we describe as the ideation phase, we prefer to co-create with the customer. Value gains can only arise through productive collaboration. We do this proactively. We regularly surprise our strategic partners with beautiful product ideas or refreshing flavour solutions so that they get optimal returns from market developments.

Do you want to come up with innovative flavour concepts in co-creation with Euroma?

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