Product integrity

Unfortunately, the world of herbs and spices has countless examples of food fraud. Euroma strongly condemns this kind of practice. In addition to consumer fraud, it also leads to unfair competition in the market. Long-term collaborations with suppliers, thorough risk analyses and diligent quality control of our raw materials enable us to guarantee the integrity and reliability of our products. 


A well-known example of food fraud is adulteration. Suppliers of herbs and spices will sometimes try to mislead processors and consumers by adding cheaper and impure raw materials. Euroma leaves nothing to chance when it comes to preventing adulteration and other forms of food fraud.

Critical attitude

We are constantly alert to potential risks. We employ national government databases which report suspect products and possible forms of adulteration. Our raw materials are bought, as far as possible, unprocessed and directly from the countries of origin. In addition, Euroma works exclusively with reliable and high-quality suppliers and aims for long-term partnerships.

Euroma also carefully monitors the authenticity and composition of the raw materials. All the herbs, spices and other ingredients we receive are thoroughly inspected for artificial or improper additives in our laboratory. Thanks to this critical attitude and diligent conduct, Euroma has made its name as a reliable and honest business partner. 

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