Consumer brand

Fifty years ago, Euroma introduced its first own consumer brand to the Dutch market. Since then, we've been inspiring consumers with a wide range of products that are fully in line with today's trends. We present our products on 100% pure spices, herbs and tasty spicy blends without salt or other added flavour enhancers. 

In the taste 

Our product lines cater for the demand for delicious and healthy, high-quality food. By using only pure herbs and spices, we have created the best flavours for the most delicious meals.  

Euroma Original Spices by Jonnie Boer

Original Spices is the result of a collaboration between spice supplier Euroma and Dutch 3-star chef Jonnie Boer of de Librije. Euroma's best spices and the fantastic flavour compositions of Jonnie Boer turn Original Spices into the most delicious spicy blends. Pure, authentic and from all corners of the world. Composed to allow you to experience the best original flavours.

Euroma Essentials by Jonnie Boer

Crunchy sea salt crystals, a spicy Pepper Blend and an intense Chilli Blend. In lovely little jars that will adorn any dinner table. These Essentials are the result of a collaboration between spice supplier Euroma and 3-star chef Jonnie Boer of De Librije. They are ideal for use in the kitchen, although they were made especially for use at the table. This way, everyone can flavour his meal to his own taste.

High-quality herbs

Euroma's high-quality green herbs distinguish themselves thanks to the preservation process; these herbs are freeze-dried. This means their flavour, aroma, colour and structure is preserved perfectly and you can keep them for longer. As soon as they come into contact with (boiling) liquids or, for instance, oil and vinegar, the freeze-dried herbs return to their original condition. You simply 'pick' them from your kitchen cabinet when you need them!

Sophisticated Blends

Join us on a culinary journey of discovery with inspiring herb blends from which you can really taste the country of origin. Fifteen perfectly composed herb blends allow you to cook a healthy and delicious meal. Various sophisticated uses for meat, fowl, fish and vegetables.

High quality spices

After travelling the world many times over, Euroma knows exactly where to find the best spices. We work with suppliers from Vietnam, India, Brazil, Grenada, Guatemala, Sri Lanka and Madagascar and we are closely involved in the growth and development of new and sustainable technologies. They yield high-quality products that enrich the kitchen and beyond. 


The unique packaging of Euroma's products enhances your experience. And successfully so. The products are well-received in Dutch supermarkets.


We are happy to share our in-house knowledge and experience with the consumer market with our customers. Want to be inspired? Find out about Euroma's contribution to food innovations here. For more information about each product line and product, please visit