Consumer brand

Euroma first introduced its own consumer brand to the Dutch market fifty years ago. Since then, we have inspired consumers with a diverse range that was fully in line with the trends of that particular time. We present our products at 100% pure herbs and spices and tasteful herb mixes without salt and other unnecessary additions. 

In the taste 

Our product lines respond to the need for high quality healthy food. Using only the purest herbs and spices we have composed the best flavours to deliver the most delicious dishes.  

Euroma Original Spices by Jonnie Boer

Euroma’s most luxurious range. The special flavour compositions of these herbal mixes have been established in collaboration with Dutch three-star Michelin chef, Jonnie Boer. The flavour compositions of the Original Spices-line are the very best, authentic mixes from all corners of the world. 

Worldwide Mixes 

This wide selection of perfectly composed herbal mixes offer the opportunity to cook 'from scratch'. They can be used with meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. The Worldwide Mixes take you on a culinary journey where you really can taste the country of origin. And of course ... 100% pure.

High-quality herbs: a herb garden in your kitchen cabinet

The high-quality green herbs of Euroma are set apart by their preservation process; these herbs are freeze-dried. As a result, the taste, aroma, colour and texture will remain optimal, and you can keep them for a long time. Once they come into contact with (cooking) liquid or for example oil and vinegar, the frozen herbs change back to their original state. You can just 'pick' them out of your kitchen cabinet when you need them!

High quality spices: 100% pure and honest from all corners of the world

Euroma knows after numerous trips around the world exactly where the very best spices can be found. We work with suppliers in, among others, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Grenada, Guatemala, Sri Lanka and Madagascar - and are closely involved in the cultivation and development of new and sustainable technologies. They provide high-quality products that enrich the kitchen and the outside world.  

The unique packaging concept of Euroma products enhances the experience. And with success. The products are well received in Dutch supermarkets.

We would like to make our knowledge and experience in the consumer market available to our customers. Feeling inspired? Read here how Euroma contributes to food innovations. For more information per product line and per product, please visit