Quality in production

Clear recipes, clear instructions, robust procedures and critical final product assessment after each step; quality management is an essential part of every stage of Euroma’s production process. It enables us to correctly deal with the large number of customer-specific recipes, packaging formats and quality standards. Customers can always depend on consistent product quality in accordance with agreed specifications and legislation.

Prima Pura steam treatment

Euroma pioneered the Prima Pura steam technology over twenty years ago. In collaboration with scientific partners, we originated a steam process for decontaminating herbs and spices. This reduces not only the risk of food contamination, but also drastically reduces the amount of spores, which have a positive impact on shelf life. As a result, liquid products can be processed using more gentle pasteurisation treatments.

Our invention of the Prima Pura steam technology allows for effective heat treatment while maintaining quality and taste. Thanks to this, our products meet the highest standards of food safety.


Euroma employs various grinding methods depending on the different types of herb or spice. For example, coriander, cumin and other fibrous spices are ground differently than the “fattier” products, such as nutmeg. Grinding takes place under strictly controlled temperatures, in order to prevent the evaporation of volatile oils which can lead to a loss of flavour and aroma. 


The next step is to blend the ingredients into flavoursome herb mixes. We also use a variety of in-house methods for this. Delicate ingredients such as parsley are mixed using special blenders that exert minimal pressure so that the product isn’t damaged. More robust ingredients are mixed at high speed in powerful blenders and we add oil to enhance the taste or prevent caking.  

IFS Certificates

All these processes are certified annually by IFS (International Food Standards).
Both of our production sites are certified to the highest grade. Although many processes are now fully automated, production is still largely a human activity. Thanks to excellent hygiene and smart routing, Euroma can deliver products of the highest standard.

Do you have any questions about Euroma’s quality management?

Please contact Rianne Thijssen.