Tailor made solutions

At Euroma, alleviating customer’s concerns is one of our top priorities. Alleviating concerns requires tailor-made solutions. The true added value of our quality system is that we constantly deliver top quality on a variety of recipes and packaging formats. No less than 75% of Euroma’s total product range consists of customer-specific solutions.

RSPO, e-weging, gluten free, kosher, halal or organic. Euroma is able to deliver tailor-made products. But customer-specific work goes beyond the recipe of a product. Many Euroma customers use their own standards, analyses and controls. We fully tailor our processes and systems to the wishes of the customer and explore where further efficiency benefits are possible.

Allergen free

Euroma offers special programmes in which we replace allergens with alternative ingredients. Of course, without compromising flavour, aromas, texture, adhesion, crispness or other variables that affect customer appreciation.

In addition, Euroma uses strict procedures to minimize cross contamination by allergens. To this end, we apply the Australian VITAL (Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling) guidelines. The facility for our liquid products in Schijndel works with special treatment and cleaning instructions to minimize nut contamination with other nutritional products. 

Unique specifications? We’ll gladly make them possible.

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