Euroma constantly strives for maximum quality. Every step in the production process is intensively controlled. For the sourcing of herbs and spices, we work on the basis of long-term partnerships with top suppliers. This ensures not only the quality but also the integrity of our raw materials. Our innovative steam treatment delivers the lowest microbiological values, which are carefully monitored by our own laboratory. IFS Higher Level Food Certification proves that we meet the basic requirements of food safety. Our customers, the leading brands in the food industry, highly value our flexibility and ability to integrate customer-specific quality requirements into our processes. The highly critical audits they conduct have become the standard for Euroma's quality management and assurance


Over 100 years Euroma searches the world to find the best herbs and spices.

Food safety

The food safety of our products is an indisputable starting point in our policy.

Quality assurance

In every step of the process, Euroma stands for maximum assurance and traceability.

Product integrity

In order to prevent adulteration and other types of food fraud, Euroma leaves nothing to chance.

Tailor made solutions

Customer care is high on the priority list and requires customization.

Production process

Quality management is an essential element in every stage of our production process.