Efficiency in the future

Euroma is building Europe's most innovative facility for herbs and spices. A state-of-the-art production site with a robotised warehouse, fully automated mixer and the most up-to-date product development facilities. The new building will enables us to meet the highest quality requirements and to work more efficiently and more sustainably. Of course, our customers also benefit from the ultimate price-quality ratio for their products. 

The new site in Zwolle

Our current production site in Wapenveld belongs to the industrial heritage of the Netherlands. A beautiful location, but with the necessary restrictions. The location forces us to make a lot of transport movements. Stock is spread across different locations. The classification limits us to optimise internal processes and to meet future requirements from the food industry. 

We are therefore building a new herb factory in Zwolle with the surface area of approximately five football fields and a 27 meter tall warehouse. A new production site that not only enables us to work more efficiently, but also in the coming years, will allow us to triple our production volume. 


Some of the achievements that demonstrate the quality and efficiency:

  • A robotised warehouse with automatic pallet cranes;
  • an automated blender;
  • a direct connection between the Prima Pura steam treatment and the mills;
  • the arrival of automotive vehicles that bring raw materials to the place where they are needed;
  • expansion to 12 silos for rapid supply of large volumes of raw materials;
  • a central staff access with hygienic entrance;
  • modern facilities for product development;
  • the arrival of the Spice Café, a place to present, taste and meet; 
  • the realisation of a modern office environment with attention to flexible working practices.

BREEAM Excellent

Sustainability plays an important role in the construction of the new facility. This entails a sustainability performance from the 'BREEAM Excellent Class'. The roof of the factory is to be equipped with solar panels. Thanks to high insulation values and measures to reduce energy consumption, we will largely be self-sufficient. In addition, staff members are encouraged to bike to work or to take public transport. The planning is focused on the new building being operational from 2019.