Spice rooms

For many food producers, weighing and mixing herbs and spices are expensive and labour-intensive activities that are not part of the core business. Euroma has all the necessary knowledge and equipment in place to take on this burden for the customers. With a Euroma Spice Room, we take over the entire supply chain of the customer. Including all the risks. 

Customised precision

Weighing the herbs and spices, then mixing them in the right proportions, demands precision and the correct equipment. Spice Room allows Euroma to provide a quality standardised product that can be delivered in the quantity and packaging that the customer desires. Naturally, Euroma also delivers batch packaging so that the client no longer needs to weigh anything and can use our herbs one by one in his production process. 


Collaboration in a Spice Room requires openness about recipes and rates. Euroma can guarantee that you’re in safe hands. If desired, we can set up a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in consultation with the customer, specifying specific wishes and requirements. Over the years, Euroma has built up extensive experience in collaboration with Spice Rooms. We are proud that customers entrust us with such an important part of their business. 

Interested in a Spice Room?

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