Extensive product range rooted in herbs and spices

Herbs and spices offer an abundance of flavours. Using a vast and colourful pallet of ingredients from all over the world, Euroma delivers diverse total concepts of the highest quality. Euroma currently produces a range of around 2,000 different products for leading partners. And that number is steadily growing. 

From fresh convenience, crispy snacks, spicy meal mixes to liquid and pasty products; Euroma's products are used to their full potential in various segments. Thanks to continuous innovation, we’re always finding new uses for herbs and spices. 

Expertise in dry and pasty herbal solutions 

We prepare our products at two locations in the Netherlands. The dry herb mixes come from our production facility in Wapenveld and soon from our new site in Zwolle. Think in terms of:

  • herbs and spices
  • seasonings and toppings
  • texture solutions such as functional blends and coatings.

At our facility in Schijndel we produce liquid and paste products, such as:

  • dressings
  • dips
  • sauces and
  • fillings.

Private label solutions

Euroma understand that retailers and brands want to distinguish themselves in the market with a unique and optimal product range. We are happy to help our customers grow product categories with consumer-ready solutions.

In recent years, the market share of private labels has continued to grow. Together with the customer, we develop cost-effective, private label solutions. Euroma takes care of the entire chain: with creative product development, reliable and food-safe production, comprehensive packaging options and logistic support. We work with our partners to fully maximise the potential of private labels.

In addition to private labelling, we also work on a co-manufacturing basis with several leading food companies. Read more about Euroma's co-manufacturing services

What products do you want to create with herbs and spices?

Contact one of our sales collegues for inspiration and more information.