Thanks to technological knowledge and creative product development, Euroma has built an outstanding reputation in the continuous innovation of food products. Optimal enjoyment of natural flavours is always the driving force. We, along with our customers, create innovative concepts involving herbs and spices with highly distinctive flavours based on current consumer insights and food trends. We have extensive experience in improving product composition to provide consumers with healthy, safe, tasty and sustainable food products. We realise better than anyone that packaging is an essential part. 

Want to discover the market opportunities in food with Euroma? 

Innovation process

Euroma has proven itself as an innovative product developer.

Trends and knowledge

Euroma is an interlocutor concerning trends and innovations in food.

Product improvement

With natural ingredients as a starting point, reformulates Euroma recipes.

Creating taste

Our product development is attentive to stimulate all senses.


Euroma's products to their full potential in various segments.


The packaging is an essential element in the foodchain.

Dave Jung

Dave is always searching for something new. To him, a project has really succeeded when everyone is inspired and challenged. 

Our R&D department, we innovate and reformulate many products. The recipe does not go out before all senses are stimulated. 

Dave's passion for innovation