Product improvement

Product enhancements with natural ingredients

Authentic flavours and responsible ingredients. The trend towards conscious, healthy and honest food has been ongoing many years ago and shows no sign of stopping. Thanks to science, we’re constantly gaining new insights into responsible nutrition. Euroma is ideally placed to achieve improved taste solutions. With herbs, spices and other natural ingredients as a starting point, Euroma reformulates recipes. They can maintain the original taste of products, or even develop more sophisticated flavours. 

Natural alternatives

Consumers want to reduce salt, sugar and unnatural preservatives and preferably eat as much fresh food as possible. In the past few years there has also been a growing need for clarity about allergens. These new preferences require extensive knowledge of natural ingredients and methods. How to make top quality food products with natural ingredients and less salt and sugar. With, of course, the required shelf life. 

Euroma has built up a rich experience with natural ingredients and our product developers know exactly which combinations of herbs and spices they can successfully use to deliver specific taste sensations. 

Reformulated and Clean label products

Customers frequently ask Euroma to reformulate recipes and develop Clean Label products, with clear ingredients lists and natural ingredients. It’s a challenge that we’ll gladly take. 

We know from experience that there are many combinations of flavours, fragrances and aromas that can replace salt and sugar while still maintaining taste. We prefer not to work with MSG and make limited use of preservatives. Often, there is an excellent solution with combinations of acids and pH values.

Euroma offers natural alternatives to yeast extracts taken from the world of herbs, spices and other natural ingredients. Typical product issues like colour stability and shelf life, can also be solved with natural ingredients and technologies.

Euroma offers special programmes in which we replace allergens with alternative ingredients without sacrificing taste, aromas, texture, adhesion, crispness or other variables that affect customer appreciation.

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