Extensive range of suitable packaging options

More and more companies are choosing Euroma as a co-manufacturing partner. Our extensive and customer-specific packaging solutions are enthusiastically received. Thanks to our knowledge of consumer behaviour and packaging trends, we are able to advise our customers on the most suitable packaging for their products. We support them in developing the packaging concept, packaging design and determining the optimal shelf position.

Packaging is an essential part of the food chain. It’s about logistics and marketing, but also about food safety and shelf life. In order to optimise all these aspects, Euroma offers a wide range of packaging for both dry and liquid products.

Our packaging solutions

We offer different types of packaging: sachets and cups, glass or plastic bottles, canisters, boxes, refill packaging, catering pots and buckets, but also bulk packaging. We are flexible in packaging solutions and will work together to find which packaging best fits your product. Euroma is committed to using as much sustainable materials as possible and, where appropriate, recyclable materials. 

Bulk Packaging

It’s not only in consumer packaging that Euroma offers many possibilities. Euroma also offers a wide choice in bulk packaging. On the page about bulk volume packaging, you’ll learn how we can pack your products as efficiently as possible.


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Waste versus pollution

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