Euroma introduces Smaakmakers!

Euroma introduces Smaakmakers, the salt-free flavouring of choice with the natural and powerful taste of herbs and spices. Every chef – both professional and at home – can now add extra flavour to any dish in a pure and natural way. The blends contain no added salt, E numbers or other unnecessary additives. The Smaakmakers are available in both natural and spicy varieties, found on soup shelves and online at Jumbo and Picnic.



Less salt   

In the Netherlands, 85 percent of the population still eat too much salt. The majority of these (74%) are aware of this and would like to change it. Eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure. And high blood pressure is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. So people would like to eat less salt, but just how exactly do you do that? Euroma Smaakmakers offer a solution. The two new Euroma varieties are savoury seasonings that will flavour any dish in a natural and healthy way. 


100% pure

Euroma Smaakmakers are 100 percent pure. This means they contain no added salt, E numbers or other unnecessary additives. “Anyone who thinks a salt-free seasoning cannot be flavourful is wrong”, says Bert Bakker, CEO of Euroma. “Smaakmakers contain an optimal blend of herbs & spices including lovage, sage, turmeric and black pepper, which together give the ultimate ‘umami’ boost. Euroma 100% pure means no additives of salt, E numbers and other unnecessary ingredients.”


Secret ingredient

From a boiled or fried egg to soups or avocado toast. Sprinkling them with a little Smaakmakers seasoning turns any recipe into a flavourful dish in no time. Bakker continues: “The two blended-spice varieties suit almost every dish or cuisine of any provenance, making them the secret ingredient to healthily and confidently flavour every dish from now on. Not only are Smaakmakers healthy, but they are very convenient for everyday use, too.”

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