Sourcing specialist

For more than 100 years, Euroma has gone all over the world searching for the best herbs and spices. From this rich history, we have built up long-term partnerships with the very best suppliers. We are fully conscious of the complexity and risks within our supply chain. Thanks to the intensive collaboration with our suppliers, we can guarantee quality, integrity, food safety and flexibility. 

Herbs and spices are natural products and therefore not immune to the fickle nature of weather. Thanks to a strong network of global partnerships, Euroma can often anticipate any shortages. We have several alternative raw material suppliers so that we can always safeguard the continuity of our customers' business. 

Vendor management

Our customers must be able to rely on the quality and integrity of raw materials. Euroma can reassure its customers in this sense by only purchasing top quality raw materials and by avoiding fraudulent suppliers of herbs and spices.

In order to maintain the performance of suppliers, Euroma employs clear procedures: 

  • Euroma selects and audits all their suppliers in terms of quality, food safety and ethics.
  • All products and services provided by a supplier must meet statutory requirements and additional specifications set by Euroma. 
  • Samples of all raw materials are examined for their sensory , chemical and potential bacteriological properties. In the case of irregularities or rejection, Euroma demands corrective action from the supplier. 
  • Euroma does not buy any raw materials that may have been grown from genetically modified organisms. Suppliers of grain and soya products must demonstrate this with an IP documented system.

Euroma's demanding attitude has become well known in the market. But there’s more to it than that, namely a fair price. Above all, long-term partnerships enable us to work with our suppliers on sustainable products for a better future.

Want to know more about Euroma’s purchasing policy?

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